Arno in Paris.

I enjoy being in Paris, there is so much to take in here. Of course there are the famous sights – The Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, but for me it is the discovery of a new Chocolatier or Patisserie that gets me excited.

arc de triompheVisiting the new Michel Cluizel concept store was high on the list of things to see, the tiny space was filled with chocolate products to purchase or you could sit and have a mug of hot chocolate and be mesmerised by a wall of melted flowing chocolate.

Topping the list was a visit to Jaques Genin, my favourite Chocolatier in Paris. Here the range is limited to pralines and individually wrapped caramel in a dozen flavours. Since my last visit he now offers seasonal patisserie to enjoy with a coffee and I couldn’t resist the Caramel and Walnut Tart, served with the famous French service – slightly impolite..


Les Fees Patisserie jaques genin


Paris is a city of contrasts and shops, such as Les Fees Patisserie, in a very modern setting is a tiny display of perfect cupcakes and small cakes under impeccable glass domes that sits side by side with the traditional Boulangerie offering croissants and baguettes piled high in baskets, with customers queuing out onto the street for breakfast.



Another complete contrast is the institution known as Angelina –much more than a simple patisserie or tearoom, Angelina is a luxury brand with a prestigious image that symbolises the “French Way of Life”. Established in 1903 by the Austrian confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer and named after his daughter-in-law, Angelinas is the place to go for an afternoon treat.

A few streets away is Sadaharu Aoki a modern Japanese inspired Patisserie where bright primary colours are used to decorate chocolates and patisserie alike. Here flavours of Matcha, Yuzu and Tonka mingle alongside the more traditional European flavours of raspberry, hazelnut and chocolate.

angelinasParis in the Summer is delightful and it is easy to walk several kilometres in the search for patisserie, macarons and chocolates.

… Arno


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