Catering to every need as well as every taste

Whether we follow them by choice or need, one of the most difficult things about having dietary requirements is limiting the range of things we can eat and finding options we can.

Here at Ganache we have taken this struggle into account, and made sure there are choices on our menu and on our shelves which cater to every dietary need and that our staff are trained in dietary information.

Whether you are dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free or vegan, read on for some options.

GA 092014-006Gluten free
The majority of our individual chocolate range, except products containing wafer;
the majority of our chocolate bars, except products with candied orange/ginger;
Passion Mango patisserie;
Triple Mousse patisserie;
Raspberry Mousse patisserie;
Macarons made and baked in-house.

Raspberry Mousse

Dairy and gelatin free: Raspberry Mousse

Dairy free
Raspberry Mousse patisserie*;
Vegan Chocolate Mud cake;
plain dark chocolate;
& enjoy all our beverages with your choice of soy/almond rather than regular milk.
*also gelatin-free



milk bar


Nut free
Ganache Passion Brownie patisserie;
Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart*;
a selection of our individual pralines;
all chocolate bars without a nut topping.
*may contain traces






Vegan-friendly Hot Chocolate;
Chocolate Mud cake;
Banana Bread;
Vegan Chocolate Frappe.

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