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What Are People Saying About Gânache Chocolate?

At Ganache Chocolate we truly value your feedback, suggestions and ideas. Here are a few customer comments in response to our member’s events, products and services.

Customer Emails

"My goodness
Your chocolates arrived first thing the next morning. What an amazing service, I was so impressed. Just need to keep the box shut until Christmas…
Thank you, I must say I’m married to a Belgian but these are the best chocolates I’ve ever had, and I’m telling everyone!"

“This is a thank you from one VERY happy Kiwi. My husband was in Melbourne for the F1 racing and brought back a selection of your chocolates. The good news is that they are truly beautiful chocolates.

The bad news is that I could not resist them. The centres of the truffle ones were heaven. So thank you for the most fabulously wonderful chocolates I have ever eaten. I think I’ll send him back to the F1 next year just so he will come home with another box full. Thank You”

Review Sites

You can find reviews about our product and chocolate lounges at Trip Advisor and Zomato

Social Media Comments

"I am in love with your divine Chocolates! Thank you for creating an amazing product"

"A huge thanks to Ganache Chocolates for making my day! What wonderful customer service. Much appreciated"

"Was in Melbourne for the weekend with friends, we happened to come across Ganache. How beautiful the set up looks and the staff were very friendly, most of all we loved the classic hot chocolates"

“This is possibly the most beautiful Easter egg we've ever seen, nicely done!”

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