Refunds & Returns

Refunds & Returns

Gânache Chocolate will replace any order that has reached you in an unacceptable condition. However, we cannot be held responsible if you are not present when your order is delivered and damage occurs.

Once delivery has been accepted, refunds will only be considered if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the goods. You should contact us immediately and include a contact number for us to call you to discuss. We may ask you to return the unused portion for a full or partial refund. Our Refund Policy does not cover goods that you no longer want, or ordered by mistake, or simply don’t like the taste of.

Please note: Goods will not be refunded if they are returned to us without prior approval, so please contact us in the first instance to discuss.

In some instances, the cost of returning goods will be at the customer’s expense.

Chocolate discolouration

The whitish/grey discolouration sometimes seen on chocolates is called bloom. Some may mistake it for mould growth – but it is not! All chocolates are carefully kept, handled and inspected prior to sending. Bloom may develop on chocolate in response to fluctuations in temperature during transit. What you are actually seeing is nothing more than cocoa butter or sugar crystals coming to the surface of the chocolate in response to temperature changes. This will not alter the taste in any way No refund is offered for this type of dissatisfaction.

Changes to orders

We will happily change your order if you advise us in writing immediately, and prior to us shipping your order. Any requests received after we have shipped your order cannot be approved.


Orders will not be dispatched until payment in full has been received and is satisfied with the integrity of the order. Without limiting the operation of any other Terms and Conditions herein, is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by late delivery or cancellation of an order or a product. Placement of an order by you constitutes an offer to enter into an agreement with us (“your offer”). We will email you an Order Confirmation for the sole purpose of confirming the details of your offer. Please note that our Order Confirmation does not constitute an acceptance of your offer or reflect the status of your order in any way.

Cancellation by Us

We reserve the right not to provide goods or services, terminate membership accounts, remove or edit content or cancel orders (or part thereof) at our sole discretion at any time. Without limiting the operation of any other Terms and Conditions herein, we will not be held liable for loss or damage arising from the exercising of these rights.

Cancellation by You

If you need to cancel an order, please contact us immediately. Our agreement with you only comes into existence once we have both confirmed your order and your payment has been processed. Once we have accepted payment for an order, cancellation of the order is within our sole discretion.